IAA Lebanon - International Advertising Association

IAA Individual Membership

  • The IAA offers a unique platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and industry advocacy, both locally and internationally.
    By joining the IAA Lebanon Chapter, you can access a vast network of professionals, thought leaders, and experts who can offer valuable insights and support, and who understand our struggles and share our passion.

    This membership is for the MARCOM industry individuals who either run their own companies or are employees in the MARCOM’s industry sectors: Marketing, Advertising Agencies, Media Agencies, Media representatives, Media, Platforms, Publishers and Broadcasters etc.

Key Benefits

  • Invitations to IAA Lebanon events

  • The IAA book : Lebanon Communicating 50 years of History

  • Unlimited access to IAA's Global Member Network from 56 countries

  • Discount to IAA’s Global events

  • Access to IAA Content Hub: latest thought leadership Marcom content

  • Networking opportunities during IAA events

  • Access to live marcom news at the click of a button


The board has decided to cancel, until the end of December 2024, the 400$ application fee that was applicable for new members. New members will only pay 400$ for international and local dues annually.

How to Apply

Download the IAA Individual Membership Application and fill it

Send it back to